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    In our desire to serve and accommodate our parish family’s demands for Mass Intentions, we are now open to receive three names per Mass. We hope that this will help us to remember our loved ones and their importance in our lives. The suggested donation for weekday Masses is $10 and weekend Masses is $15. For more information, please contact our Parish Office. Thank you for your generosity and contributions.


    To schedule a Mass intention please see the schedule below:

    December 2nd: January-March
    March 2nd: April-June
    June 1st: July-September
    September 1st: October-December

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Thoughts from fr. thomas


November 10, 2019


My Dearest Parish Family,


God be with us always. Allow me to take this occasion to acknowledge and congratulate ministries of our Parish Family that has had significant events in the past weeks.


First our Knights of Columbus hosted last 26th October as successful combined 2nd and 3rd Degree event around 80 Knights participated to receive either of the degrees. All those who volunteered and participated had nothing but positive and kind comments about the whole event. It is with prayers that I hope those who received these degrees may be more and more engaged in their ministry as Knights but essentially as Christian disciples, stewards and evangelizers.


On behalf of our bereaved families let me extend our sincere thank you to our Bereavement Ministry Leaders for having given of themselves so that we may have a very meaningful celebration of the Mass of Remembrance last Sunday 3rd of November.  I believe we were able to extend comfort and strength to them. I pray that they continue to open themselves to the promise of eternal life that the readings of this Sunday remind us. Let me remind you of what I once read: “that God who did not seek our permission to create us because we are manifestations of His love cannot bring us to heaven without our permission.”


We have to say yes to God’s invitation to become better – to learn from all the experiences life gives us. Oftentimes as I have written, all God asks is for us to say yes and His grace will carry us through. This is the experience I saw in the six religious sisters who are taking care of around 30 children with different ages. We visited their orphanage last 25th of October because were thinking that this orphanage can be the Advent Mission of kids in our Religious Education Program both in the English and Spanish language. 


This weekend we are having our second survey for our participation in the Dynamic Catholic Initiative. I do hope that you all brought your cellphones so we can improve on our electronic survey responders. This is an opportunity for us to make an honest assessment of the effects and results of how we have engaged the resources and events we were offered through the Dynamic Catholic Initiative. In our second year into the Initiative we are going to intensify our efforts to grow in our prayer life one of the Signs of a Dynamic Catholic. Let us lift up one another in prayer so we can open ourselves to where the Holy Spirit will lead us to grow in our relationship with God. God bless and take care.


Love and prayers,

Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval

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