No society can function without the means sufficient to attain its purposes and goals. Although the Church’s ultimate purpose transcends both the material world and its history, still, it is very much part of them. Personnel and resources are necessary for the gospel to be proclaimed and the sacraments to be celebrated. Among these resources are possessions, including income and often property, and the freedom to employ these properly for the purposes of the Church (Myers, John J. The Code of Canon Law: A Text and Commentary).


Lumen Gentium, The Light of the World, in speaking of the Church, helps place the role of finances in proper context: …between all the various parts of the Church there is a bond of intimate communion whereby spiritual riches, apostolic works and temporal resources are shared. For the members of the People of God are called upon to share their goods… according to the gift that each has received …as good stewards of the manifold grace of God (1 Peter 4 : 10).

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The Pastoral Services Appeal is an annual campaign of the Orange Catholic Foundation held on behalf of the Diocese of Orange that grants funds to support ministries and services that serve all parishes and the local community. It also gives parishes the opportunity to raise significant capital funds by earning rebates over their own individual parish goal. To make a contribution, please visit

Parish report 2015-2016

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October 2016
Dearest Parish Family,
God be with us always.

I write this letter on the Feast of the Queenship of our Blessed Mother Mary and I do so because something in the Gospel reading of the day caught my attention. It is the phrase: “which is more important, the gold or the temple that made the gold sacred?” I mention this as I think of all generosity of heart that was made concrete by the offertory and donations given the past year. I reflect on how these gifts were made blessed because they were given out of faith, in gratitude to God and concern for the welfare of our parish family. I thank you all sincerely and from my heart.
     It seems to me that it is a sacred duty to be the custodian and caretaker of these gifts that are made sacred by the intention and the reason they have been given. I assume the people who offered them had the very intention to give in support of our parish family and the mission our Lord Jesus has entrusted to us.
     So here it is; an attempt to present some of what we have accomplished with our humble efforts to use these gifts to the most productive way.
1. We have replaced the carpet in the Parish Hall with the industrial tiles that made the room brighter. This helped lower the cost of maintenance saving our parish a great deal.
2. We have resolved a number of issues that the Insurance Company of the Diocese has asked us to address. One of which are the railings we have installed in the Sanctuary and some changes in the Church campus landscaping.
3. We have worked on the security and safety concerns and continue to keep ahead of whatever maybe needed to be done to ensure we are on top of the situation. Cameras have been installed where they needed to be and there has been changes made in the key locks.
4. We are blessed to have the opportunity to change our providers for the photo copying equipment and for our telephone system without any capital expense on our part and with savings to boot.
5. We have also changed the light fixtures in the Church and the Parish Hall to LEDs so it will bring us savings in our electric bill in the long run.
With the guidance and grace of God’s wisdom and outpouring of your help we are able to reduce the deficit in our budget by more than 85%. Whereas our deficit was around $ 40,000+ last year, we are now at around $ 5,000.00+. For this we give God glory and praise.
     We look forward to another year when we shall be blessed because we all respond to the call to be disciples and stewards of the gifts and graces God has given us.  Once again allow me to express my sincere gratitude for all your generous gifts and support. God bless and take care.

Love and prayers,
Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval

Pastoral Administrator

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