SDC Facilities and Events Calendar

Parish Facilities scheduling

The Santiago de Compostela Parish Center is for the use of the Santiago ministries. Funeral receptions are allowed and must be reserved in advance of the scheduled service. The Parish Center consists of ten classroom style rooms that can accommodate thirty-five sitting occupants, a lecture hall that can hold up to seventy-five, a library-conference room and small sitting room. The classrooms have movable walls and when open can hold over 300 for dining or over 800 sitting in chairs. Scheduling for Parish Center space begins in early May for the year beginning the first of July. Education ministries are given priority for space, then other ministries. History for each ministry takes precedence. Only the Pastor of Santiago has the authority to change a scheduled event.

Please fill out the SdC Facility Request Form (as seen below) and send it as an email attachment to for scheduling requests.

After a confirmation has been sent stating that your event is scheduled, please fill out the SdC Parish Center Diagram and return the completed form, indicating your set-up for that day, to the Parish Office no later than three business days prior to the event.

A key is needed to access the Parish Center Kitchen. If your ministry plans to use the kitchen, you must obtain the key from the Parish Office. The SdC Parish Center Kitchen Usage Form below details the responsibility you accept when reserving the kitchen.