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Santiago de compostela current events

  • 40th Anniversary – Photo Directory

    It has been nine years since our last Parish Family Album.  It is time for an update!  Lifetouch will, once again, help our parish put our Photo Directory together as part of celebrating Santiago de Compostela’s 40th Anniversary next year.

    There is no cost to you or to our parish. For having your / your family portrait taken, you will receive:

      • Professional Portrait Session
      • FREE 8x10 Portrait
      • Santiago’s Photo Directory (updateable every year)
      • Opportunity to purchase portraits

    Complimentary photography sessions begin June 18, 2018 and will run through summer in our Parish Hall.  

    Schedule your Photo Session Appointment Online

    You can also sign-up after mass on Sundays.  A volunteer at the “Welcome Table” at the Church Plaza will gladly assist you.

    Or email:

    for questions or need help in scheduling your portrait session appointment with Lifetouch.


  • camino de santiago

    This year, as we walk together "Along the Way" of Saint James, we will reflect and meditate on the importance of "Understanding the Word." 

    Click here to Register Online

    The early-bird Registration Fee is $10 per adult. Children/Minors under 18 years old are $5. After July 1st, the Fee is  $15 per adult and $8 per child/minor. 

    If you would like to register in person, stop by the Camino Table at our church patio after mass beginning Memorial Day weekend, May 26-27.  Registration Forms are also available at the  Reception Office.

    If you have any question(s) about this year’s registration, please email: sdcspecialevents@gmail.com

    Click here for more information

  • vacation bible school (vbs)

    August 6th - 10th


    Click here to register your child today.

  • mass intentions 2018

    On June 1st, the Reception Office will start scheduling July-September Mass intentions. Now, two (2) Mass intentions will available per date; one for a deceased loved one and one in  thanksgiving of life. Limit six (6) per quarter per person in combination of both of these intentions. The requested donation remains $10 per Mass. Prayers of the faithful request are also offered to parishioners. For more information, please contact our Reception Office. 

     The schedule for quarterly start dates are as follows:

     June 1st = July – September

     September 1st = October -December 

  • prayers for the sick

    If you or your loved one is sick, our community will pray for you. Please send names to communications@sdccatholic.org to be included in our weekly bulletin. In order to keep all list current, names will remain on the list for six weeks. Please resubmit after that time. Thank you!

  • myparish app


    A new version of myParish app is now available for download on iOS and Android mobile devices. The free app is available for each parish in the Diocese of Orange and provides prayers, readings and homilies, as well as bulletins, Mass and confession times, social media links and updates from Bishop Vann. A new feature for version 4.0 of myParish app allows users across our Diocese to stay connected via messaging.

    myParish app will be important communications tool for parishioners, clergy, lay staff and Diocesan leaders.

    To download myParish app, search myParish in the app store or text APP to 88202. Once the app is downloaded, tap the 3 horizontal lines at the top left corner on your screen, tap "Find a Parish" and search/select "Diocese of Orange."


    Last weekend, many of our Parishioners made a pledge and initial payment for this years PSA Campaign “We Are One”, which helps support diocesan ministries in many ways. If you have not made yours, please prayerfully consider the amount of your pledge. Envelopes are found in the pews and may be dropped off in the reception office today! Together we are united in the Catholic faith knowing that through your    generosity many people will be served. Thank you for your participation in the life of Santiago de Compostela and the Diocese of Orange. 

    PSA 2018 Video

  • holy land pilgrimage

    hosted by: fr. stephen lesniewski

    10 days: october 2nd-October 11th

thoughts from

father thomas



May 20, 2018


My Dearest Parish Family,


God be with us always. Happy & Blessed Feast of the Pentecost. Happy Birthday to all of us who are members of the Church whose birth we traditionally trace to this Feast.


Congratulations and Blessings to our First Communicants in our Spanish RE Program and those who received their Sacrament of Confirmation. We also extend these greetings to their families, sponsors, program coordinators, catechists and all those who have supported them along the way.


Truly Pentecost has come upon our Parish Family. There is an uplifting presence of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Sacraments that were celebrated and received by members of our parish family. Such a blessing to witness the reception of these graces of Christian Initiation that remind us all of the gifts we have also been blessed with when we also received the sacrament. The point of reflection we can ask ourselves is how many steps have we taken towards the Christian holiness and testimony that Deacon Dan referred to in his homily last April.


We have over 450 days in our “living pilgrimage” to our 40th Anniversary as a Parish Family. To support this we have several opportunities to which we can be engaged in our faith and parish life. We are already accepting registrations to our Annual Camino and the VBS (Vacation Bible School). We also have launched and we are towards the deadline of our T-Shirt design contest for our 2018 Camino. We also challenge our Adult Confirmands allow the Spirit to guide them towards a meaningful involvement in our parish life through ministries that may resonate with the gifts they have been given. Participating in these activities will enrich and enhance our parish life.


The grace of courageously pursuing our faith life is one of the gifts the Spirit brings into our lives. The early Christian Community went forth without fear to proclaim the Good News. We are also challenged to do the same because the world we live in definitely needs to hear, experience and celebrate the Good News. Our Liturgical Celebration and events should constantly point towards the direction of the Divine Kingdom that is our inheritance as children of a Loving Father in heaven.


Please take time to reflect on where you can be more pro-active and engaged making use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit on this Feast of the Pentecost. There is a simple and practical adage that serves as a cautionary reminder to us: “Use it or Lose It!” The question is: “Am I losing out in my relationship with God and faith-life because I have not used it nor allowed the Spirit to guide me?” It is never too late to say yes so please may your hearts be opened to say to the Spirit: Here I am Lord! I come to do your will. God bless and take care.


Love and prayers, 

Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval