Youth Ministry


Registration for confirmation first and second year is ongoing now through August 31st. Please download the form from the website or stop by the youth ministry or  parish office to sign your high school student up for preparation for confirmation.


Confirmation Students: Please join our activities this summer and get to know the other students and leaders. Watch the calendar for what is happening and call our youth ministry office at 951-8599 x233 for any questions you might have. There are service opportunities.  Summer is a great time to work on your community service learning experience! Call our office x233 for information.


Next Friday Night Live/Youth Group meetings are: August 12th and August 19th from 2pm-4pm in the Youth Ministry office. High School Student’s , please bring a friend and come check this group out if you are looking for fun, friendship and want to improve your leadership skills.

Next Leader meeting is: August 12th from 12pm-2 pm in the youth ministry office. 



Confirmation is a two year process that requires you to complete the registration process each year.

The Registration Form must be accompanied with a copy of a baptismal certificate and a payment of $200.00 USD. The Payment can be paid by either cash or check. If by check, please make it out to: SantiagoYM and write your child's name in the Memo.

Orientation Night for CI and CII Students - Your Child and One Parent Must Attend.

Please check our calendar for more important dates.

Confirmation Registration Form

Event AGREEMENT forms

These forms are required for the attendance of any events through the Youth Ministry.

Peer Leadership

The peer leadership team is the heart of our youth ministry. By involving the older teens of our parish to facilitate the younger teen’s faith sharing all of the students grow in faith. This happens in small groups for the confirmation classes, the retreats and faith sharing events. 

Youth liturgy involves teens coming to Christ in the liturgy. The youth oriented liturgy is at Saturday mass. It is frequently followed by a faith sharing event in the parish center. Youth may serve as greeters, lectors, altar servers, musicians, singers, cantors and Eucharistic ministers. 

The youth group consists of students who are interested in growing their leadership skills through a youth development program called Friday Night Live. Youth use their faith values to make healthy choices.