Updates from pilgrims-Along the way

Michelle and Kevin Mooney: October 1, 2017

Hi  All,

We have been on the move for 5 weeks and have walked 600 km. We are 200 km from Santiago!  It's interesting  that sunrise is at 8AM and sunsets linger until 8PM.  Mornings are cold but afternoons  have been warm. The leaves are changing with mountainsides full of color.
We have passed through the  larger cities of Leon, Astorga and Ponferrada. We prefer the intimacy and warmth of the smaller towns, townspeople and small churches  more than the cities and large cathedrals. A special town for us is Carrion de los Condos. We were in the small church when an old man pointed to a statue then pointed at us.  He was referencing the Virgin del Camino, Virgin of the Way. We lit a candle there for a continued safe journey.  Yesterday we delivered the Santiago burden rock Father Thomas provided us at Cruz Ferro. It's a humbling feeling as one climbs to the cross and scans across to  see the many fotos of deceased loved ones and thousands of rocks. This journey has been quite a challenge on many fronts.  We've learned much about the virtue of patience and the value of good wine ! With bread and wine one makes the way...

Warm Regards,     

Kevin and Michelle

Michelle & Kevin Mooney: September 6, 2017

Hi All, 

We have been on the road for 2 weeks now.  We started in France  with stops in Paris, Nevers, and Lourdes. In particular Nevers was most special.  In a little church we had an opportunity to spend time with St. Bernadette.  Her incorruptible body is a marker that something extraordinary occurred.  Today we are in a little town called Los Arcos about a week  into the walk.  The ancient  churches and  people we have met in albergues has been wonderful.  Crossing the pyrenees was strenuous but beautiful.  We are now in wine country with rolling hills and expansive vistas.

we are sending forth!

Individuals, Families, Couples are heading to Spain to begin their Pilgrimage(s), Along the Way of Saint James to the Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela. Each will  begin their journey from individually chosen starting points. Consider the adopted symbol, visibly worn by Pilgrims walking the Camino, the “Scallop Shell”, whose lines lead to a common point on the shell. Yes, the many trails and pathways of Spain lead to a single destination, the burial place of the Apostle Saint James at Santiago de Compostela.


As we send our Pilgrims forth, the community of our Santiago de Compostela in Lake Forest sends with them our blessings and prayers, that their hopeful aspirations will be realized and rewarded. We send with them a STONE, which represents our community’s intentions, burdens and hopes for the future. The Stone will be placed at the Cruz de Ferro, as they make their way to Santiago.


Each Pilgrim will carry a Letter of Introduction, written by our Pilgrim Office to the Director of the Pilgrim Office in Santiago Spain (Fr. Perez Lopez). In the past three weeks we have sent forth:

Michelle & Kevin Mooney - See their updates from Along the Way (bottom of page)

Fr. Ken Schmit (our former Pastor)

Peter Hlavin

As they continue Along the Way, they will be sending updates with photos, which will be reported on our Camino Website.


If your are planning a Pilgrimage to Santiago, Spain, please let us know about your travel plans. We want to send you forth with our blessings, prayers and best wishes.


Let’s meet Along the Way,


Dave Owens, Chairman

Camino de Santiago - Pilgrim Office

Society of pilgrims of santiago de compostela

Our Parish Community of Santiago de Compostela, fostering and promoting the spirit and growth of the Camino Heritage, has heard the many requests from Pilgrims past, Pilgrims present and Pilgrims of the future. You tell us that you want to be a part of an organization which offers an opportunity to share the experiences, stories and miracles of their pilgrimage(s) to Santiago. Each individual has a strong desire to rekindle their inner pilgrim, by sharing stories and reliving the experiences of Santiago. Whether Santiago is deep in your “bucket-list” or making its way to the top, meeting like-minded pilgrims will surely benefit all who attend.


As such, on a quarterly basis, our Pilgrim Office will facilitate a meeting for all interested pilgrims. We will have guest speakers, who are notable, well published, and/or recognized for their travels. Speakers and notable guests will be published for each meeting.


Schedule(s): (Refreshments will be served)


November 2017 - TBD (date & time will be announced soon)


February 2018 - TBD


May 2018  - TBD


Your free-will donation will help us to defray the cost of our expenses. But, please don’t let the donation issue keep you away.




Santiago de Compostela - Parish Center

21682 Lake Forest Drive,

Lake Forest, CA 92630


Pilgrim Office:

email -

phone - (949) 328-6147

Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus!


We Came, We Saw, We Conquered!


705 Pilgrims Registered,

650 Pilgrims Walked,

All Pilgrims Celebrated! 

Camino de Santiago 2017

July 22, 2017

This year, as we walked together, Along the Way” of Saint James, we Reflected and Meditated on the importance Hearing the Word, Listening and Responding to the Word!


The Camino celebration:


Our day started at the break of dawn with enthusiastic Pilgrims determined to begin their journey from St. Michael’s Abbey. They boarded the first bus at 5:30 to the Abbey.

The enthusiasm of all Pilgrims continued to swell, giving rise to infectious participation throughout the day.

At every Station Along the Way, Reflections and Meditations reinforced the Message of the day to Hear His Call. 

Whether Pilgrims walked the 7-mile or 4-mile path to Santiago de Compostela, at the end of the journey, the Plaza of SdC offered welcome refreshments, drinks and restful entertainment.

The Highlight of the Day….The Celebration of the Eucharist brought to focus the meaning and purpose of our individual and communal journey Along the Way.

A Pilgrim’s feast, fit for a king, was served to all 700+.


Our Guest of Honor - Phil Volker

By popular demand - “Phil’s Camino”, all had a chance to meet & greet Phil Volker and Annie O’Neil (the film’s Producer/Director). Phil spoke at many of the Masses during the Camino weekend.


The Camino de Santiago is a journey of Life, a journey in Faith. The Camino de Santiago can not be a one day celebration, then packed away until the next year. A Camino is to be lived, celebrated and experienced everyday throughout the year. Our journey continues…..Along the Way!


We have heard your requests for meetings with notable speakers, who have written on the impact, personal impressions and miracles experienced Along the Way of St. James. In response to your requests, we will begin a series of quarterly Camino de Santiago workshops/meetings. You tell us that you want to be able to share the Camino experience with others, who have already walked the Way of St. James, or who plan to embark on their Camino in the near future.


Stay tuned for the details of meetings and speakers.   

"The following LINK will take you to a YouTube copy of Phil's Homily during the Sunday 8:30 Mass on July 23rd."


Phils Camino at Santiago Lake Forest YT