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Santiago de compostela current events

  • mass intentions 2019

    In our desire to serve and accommodate our parish family’s demands for Mass Intentions, we are now open to receive three names per Mass. We hope that this will help us to remember our loved ones and their importance in our lives. The suggested donation for weekday Masses is $10 and weekend Masses is $15. For more information, please contact our Parish Office. Thank you for your generosity and contributions.


    To schedule a Mass intention please see the schedule below:

    June 3rd: July thru September

    September 3rd: October thru December   

  • child abuse prevention month

    April is national Child Abuse Prevention Month. It is most  appropriate that Child Abuse Prevention Month is held during the Lenten and Easter season as there is no better time than this when we experience renewal and growth that we celebrate the protection of our most valuable gift from God – our children.


    For information on how you can become more informed and involved in keeping our children safe, log on to www.childwelfare.gov/preventing/preventionmonth or visit the Diocesan Office of Child and Youth Protection web page at:    www.rcbo.org/group/child-and-youth-protection/

  • homily podcast

    Now you can listen to Father Thomas' homilies in your car or on your mobile device.

    Click here!

  • Dynamic catholic parish

    Our parish will begin a new initiative called "Dynamic Parish". This effort will last five years and will provide great resources and events for all of us to grow together in faith. 

    For more information, click on the following link:

    Dynamic Parish: Santiago de Compostela

  • new hope crisis hotline

    The New Hope Crisis Hotline provides telephone crisis intervention telephone crisis intervention and suicide prevention services in Orange County. Trained crisis workers at the Tower of Hope on the Christ Cathedral Campus provide counseling to those who are struggling to cope with day-to-day life. Services are free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 714-New Hope (714-639-4673)

  • 40th Anniversary commemorative book

    In Memoriam

    As a tribute to the members of our parish who have passed away, there will be an "In Memoriam" section in our 40th Anniversary   Commemorative Book.  If you have a deceased member of our parish you would like remembered, please send a photograph of the person, their name as you would like it to appear and their birth and death dates.  The cost per person is $50.00 for a business card size or 1/10th of a full page.  



    There will be a section in our 40th Anniversary Commemorative Book to celebrate "Milestones".  It could be a wedding anniversary, graduation, confirmation, etc.  This would include any accomplishment you are proud of.  Please send a photograph with the persons name as you wish it to appear, the accomplishment and the date.  The cost is $500.00 for a full page size or $300 for half a page or $175 for ¼ page.  


    Information may be sent to dsixsmith@aol.com and drop the check off at the parish office or put everything in an envelope addressed to Diane Sixsmith and take it to the parish office.  If you have any questions, please call Diane at 949-587-0704.

Thoughts from fr. thomas



April 14, 2019


My Dearest Parish Family,


God be with us always.


“We have been here before haven’t we?” This is often what my mom would say to me when we need to talk again about an episode of doing what I am not supposed to do but I could not help it because I have not learned my lesson. Then would follow a slow but painful narration of what I did. Afterwards there is an exposition of what I have been told and what I should have learned the first time. However, learning the first time never happen as I seem to take a long time to really learn and change.


As we enter once again into Holy Week today on Passion Sunday or Palm Sunday. God our Loving Father could say the same thing to us: “we have been here before haven’t we?” Each year we relive the Paschal Mystery of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus – which begins to reach the culmination of the story of our redemption.


We began the journey with Ash Wednesday where we marked ourselves with crosses and committed ourselves to the Lenten Discipline of Prayer, Fasting and Abstinence. Hopefully the discipline we practiced has given us an opportunity to grow spiritually and improved our relationships in life. If we have not, this week is a chance to be intimately connected to our Lord Jesus by immersing ourselves into the finals days leading to the redeeming act of our Messiah Jesus.


I read in a calendar once: “It is not what you gather, but what you scatter that tells what kind of life you have lived.” It is not what we have accomplished following the Lenten Discipline like giving up one thing or the number of Stations of the Cross we prayed that marks our lives and the lives of others. It is the transformation that finds its expression in making others experience “holy moments” and being open to experiencing it ourselves.


During this week may we “hand it off” to the mercy and compassion of God clearly shown in the story of our salvation. We hand off our sins, our iniquities, our weaknesses and our tendencies that separate us from God and from one another.


May I encourage you to take a moment to welcome our newly Baptized-Initiated members of our Parish Family. They have journeyed with us for several months – may they finally feel at home with our community of the Faith. May we emerge from this holy week convinced and determined to be holy ourselves as Jesus has clearly manifested in Sacred Scripture. God bless and take care.


Love and prayers,


Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval

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