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Santiago de compostela current events

  • mass intentions 2018

    On March 1st the Reception Office will start scheduling Mass intentions for April-June. The requested donation remains $10 per Mass. Prayers of the faithful request are also offered to parishioners. For more information, please contact our Reception Office. 


    The schedule for quarterly start dates are as follows:

    March 1st = April – June

    June 1st = July – September

    September 1st = October -December


    Last weekend, many of our Parishioners made a pledge and initial payment for this years PSA Campaign “We Are One”, which helps support diocesan ministries in many ways. If you have not made yours, please prayerfully consider the amount of your pledge. Envelopes are found in the pews and may be dropped off in the reception office today! Together we are united in the Catholic faith knowing that through your    generosity many people will be served. Thank you for your participation in the life of Santiago de Compostela and the Diocese of Orange. 

    PSA 2018 Video

  • active shooter seminar

    Santiago de Compostela is hosting an Active Shooter Seminar on;

    Thursday, February 22nd--7:00pm

    ROOM A

    With the unfortunate events surrounding active shooter in the workplace, parishes, shopping centers, etc. it is essential that as a community we are prepared. Those critical first minutes are crucial to survival of potential victims and  possible casualties.

    All Santiago Ministries and Parishioners are welcome to attend! 

  • Stations of the cross

    fridays during lent

    5:30pm English

    7:00pm Spanish

    Inside the Church

  • lenten dinners

    fridays during lent

    Lenten Dinners will be taking place every Friday during Lent in the parish Hall from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  

    • February 23rd (Filipino America Marian Devotees): Noodles, Fish, and Rice
    • March 2nd (RCIA): Baked Potato
    • March 9th (Hispanic Ministries): Mexican Food
    • March 16th (Knights of Columbus): Fish, Salad, and Veggies
    • March 23rd (Music): Pizza
    • March 30th (Knights of Columbus): Soup and Salad

    Enjoy this dinner after the Stations of the Cross.

  • 6PM Wednesday Evening Mass During Lent

    What are you doing for Lent this year? In addition to acts of penance and alms-giving, think about increasing your prayer life and strengthening your spiritual life in your journey towards holiness and God. We are very blessed to have the opportunity for  gathering to celebrate weekly evening Mass during Lent as part of our Easter preparation​. Mass will be celebrated on Wednesdays at 6:00 pm beginning Wednesday,  February 21st (the 1st Wednesday after Ash Wednesday) through Wednesday, March 28th.

    Immediately following each Wednesday evening Mass, we will gather in the Prayer Chapel to pray Our Lady's Psalter (3 Rosaries), the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Wednesday evening prayers from Liturgy of the Hours. Please join us for Mass and Prayers!

  • tax preparation

    Santiago de Compostela Flyer

    Saturdays 8:00am-1:30pm

    March 3rd and 10th

    April 7th and 14th

    Thursdays 3:00pm-8:00pm

    February 22nd-April 12th

  • second collection

    catholic home missions appeal

    march 10th and 11th

    On March 10th and 11th, we will having a second collection for the Catholic Home Missions Appeal. Right now, over 40 percent of dioceses in the United States are considered home mission territory because they are unable to fund the essential pastoral work needed in their communities. Your support of this appeal helps ease the struggle of these dioceses. Please prayerfully consider how you can support this appeal. More information can be found at www.usccb.org/home-missions.


    More information

  • financial statements

    In an effort to save the cost of postage, end of the year tax statements that are requested will be emailed to you or will be available for pick up in the Reception Office. This would be a good time to update or add your email contact information. Financial contribution statements for 2017 will be processed only if you have used weekly envelopes. To request a statement, call the office at 949-951-8599 or email sburgos@sdccatholic.org.

  • parish member updates

    In the process of updating our parish database, please update any changes to your personal information (phone number, email address, address, etc.). Those members who have not contributed time, talent or treasure within the last five years, January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2017, will be inactivated from our database. To update your information or if you have been inactive but want to remain a parish member, please contact the parish office.

  • holy land pilgrimage

    hosted by: fr. stephen lesniewski

    10 days: october 2nd-October 11th

  • we made the swtich


    We take the security of the website seriously. Donors’ recurring donations will continue as scheduled. But donors must authenticate their account and email to receive WeShare emails to make any changes to their account or receive WeShare emails.

    The first time donors enter the system-they will have to go through a onetime validation requiring:

    •  Their ParishPay user name
    •  The last 4 digits of the bank account or credit  card  used with ParishPay

    And ONE of the following two options:

    •  Their email address
    •  A collection name and the specific amount donated within the last 6 months.

    Online Giving

    For assistance, email  Kathy Minnihan at kminnihan@4lpi.com

    or call (800) 950-9952 and select Option 1.

thoughts from

father thomas



February 18, 2018


My Dearest Parish Family,


God be with us always.


“WE ARE ONE.” This is the theme of this year’s PSA Pastoral Services Appeal. It is a very simple yet profound truth. The gift of the Incarnation – birth of Jesus Christ – just a few months ago is a reminder how in a perfect manifestation of His love Abba willed that His Son be “one” with us by being human like us in every way except sin. This is an action that entirely benefits us who needed to be redeemed. Christ’s Paschal Mystery has suffered and died for our sins.


This is presented in a symbolic way in the deluge of Genesis a washing away of sin in a very dramatic and physical way. This I believe is also what happens when we confess our sins and we are given the absolution. We are cleansed and given the grace of the opportunity for metanoia: a change of heart and mind reflected in our lifestyle.


We have just heard the words: “Repent and believe in the Gospel,” when we entered into the discipline of Lent as ashes in the form of a cross were placed on our foreheads.  The invitation to believe in the Gospel is not just a matter of an intellectual assent but a to pattern our lives with that of our Lord Jesus who became one with us and is one with us in the Spirit who will be with us till the end of time. To heed the Gospel message is to take seriously our shared responsibility.


The PSA Appeal is one way we make concrete our intentional discipleship by participating in the pastoral work of the Diocese. Every cent is used to support the Ministries mentioned in the PSA Video two weekends ago. Please do pray and reflect how the Spirit is guiding you. Remember every gift counts no matter what amount it is. We must all participate because this is how we show our solidary with those who benefit from the pastoral work of the Diocese. To participate is to manifest to Jesus that Yes, “We are one,” with you in serving and loving your people.”


Jesus was not afraid to face his temptations presented by the devil because He knew God the Father is with Him. He is confident the Spirit will strengthen and guide Him. Let us not be afraid to go and participate in the PSA campaign. This is one of the many ways we can practice the Spirit of Lent. May I thank you in advance for your generous gift. God bless and take care.


Love and prayers,



Fr. Thomas  Paul K. Naval