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Santiago de compostela current events

  • lifetouch portraits

    Appointment dates:

    February 5-10

    February 12-16

    Your last opportunity to be in our 40th Anniversary Commemorative Book. Schedule your appointment here

  • Dynamic catholic parish

    Our parish will begin a new initiative called "Dynamic Parish". This effort will last five years and will provide great resources and events for all of us to grow together in faith. 

    For more information, click on the following link:

    Dynamic Parish: Santiago de Compostela

  • mass intentions 2019

    In our desire to serve and accommodate our parish family’s demands for Mass Intentions, we are now open to receive three names per Mass. We hope that this will help us to remember our loved ones and their importance in our lives. The suggested donation for weekday Masses is $10 and weekend Masses is $15. For more information, please contact our Parish Office. Thank you for your generosity and contributions.


    To schedule a Mass intention please see the schedule below:

    •March 4th: April thru June
    •June 3rd: July thru September

    September 3rd: October thru December   

  • new hope crisis hotline

    The New Hope Crisis Hotline provides telephone crisis intervention telephone crisis intervention and suicide prevention services in Orange County. Trained crisis workers at the Tower of Hope on the Christ Cathedral Campus provide counseling to those who are struggling to cope with day-to-day life. Services are free and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 714-New Hope (714-639-4673)

Thoughts from fr. thomas



February 17, 2019


My Dearest Parish Family,


God be with us always. February is designated as the “Heart Month” because of the celebration of Valentine’s Day. By this time we would have already celebrated the occasion when we express our affection and appreciation for the significant people in our lives. This is true especially for our married couples who reflect the love Christ has for His Church.


This weekend we are making an appeal to your hearts and minds to commit and participate in the 2019 PSA – Pastoral Services Appeal. This annual event is an attempt to make concrete the theme: “We Are One.” It is a reminder that we have a responsibility to the larger Diocesan Community that also has its specific needs to address the services provided by the donations from the PSA.


This Sunday’s Gospel that enumerates the Beatitudes clearly exhorts us to pursue a life based on the values system of our Lord Jesus, the Son of God. Through the example he has manifested many times – He shows us that the clear sign of a believer and a disciple is in the acts of charity one does in the name of God’s love.


I have numerous times said that it is not in the amount of gift one gives that is important but it is one’s willingness to participate whatever the amount. Through this commitment, “We Are One,” and truly come together as a community of disciples and stewards sharing the gifts we have been given.


It is my dream that the day perhaps will come when we anticipate this participation in the work of the Diocesan Ministries that we voluntarily offer the envelopes that contain our gifts from the heart willingly. This will clearly be a sign that indeed “We Are One,” because we recognize how our gifts can make a difference in the lives of people who need to experience the care and compassion of the Church.


Please do take some moments to pray to commit and participate. Your affirmative action means and experience of grace for those whose lives will be touched by your gift. You in your hearts will feel blessed as they are blessed. It also means an opportunity for our Parish to address our own needs to better serve our Family. May I thank you again in advance. God bless and take care.


Love and prayers,


Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval