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    In our desire to serve and accommodate our parish family’s demands for Mass Intentions, we are now open to receive three names per Mass. We hope that this will help us to remember our loved ones and their importance in our lives. The suggested donation for weekday Masses is $10 and weekend Masses is $15. For more information, please contact our Parish Office. Thank you for your generosity and contributions.

    To schedule a Mass intention please see the schedule  below:

    September 4th = October -December


    Last weekend, many of our Parishioners made a pledge and initial payment for this years PSA Campaign “We Are One”, which helps support diocesan ministries in many ways. If you have not made yours, please prayerfully consider the amount of your pledge. Envelopes are found in the pews and may be dropped off in the reception office today! Together we are united in the Catholic faith knowing that through your    generosity many people will be served. Thank you for your participation in the life of Santiago de Compostela and the Diocese of Orange. 

    PSA 2018 Video

Thoughts from fr. thomas



October 21, 2018


My Dearest Parish Family,


God be with us always.


This weekend we celebrate our Parish Family’s gift of diversity that unites us in a wonderful way to really celebrate what it means to be united in the faith we have been blessed, in the Good News that we received to proclaim and in the life in God’s love that we should share with one another. This I believe is what our Lord Jesus challenged the two brothers whose mother requested that they sit at His right and left. The challenge was if they could drink from the cup He is to drink.


This is an indirect way of reiterating that the only way to eternal life is through the way of the Cross. This does not mean that we inflict upon ourselves pain and suffering but that we strive to bear our own crosses in whatever shape or form it takes – and carry it with strength from God’s Spirit and grace. It is sharing love in the way and manner our Lord Jesus has exemplified in his life.


Loving and sharing this love takes many forms one of which how members of our Parish Family spent so much time, effort and talent to organize, coordinate and present a new way of celebrating our Parish Fiesta through the Santiago CultureFest 2018. On behalf of our Parish Family, I extend to them our sincerest gratitude and appreciation. May God bless them a hundredfold for their selfless gift if self.


You probably witnessed the video we presented last weekend and I do hope that you found it in your heart to make time to be there for the fellowship and communal celebration. Let us continue building our Parish Family by sharing events like this to make memories and treasure each other’s presence. This one way we celebrate the gifts of faith, hope and love and proclaim it to the whole world by who we are evangelizers courageous enough to share our faith and culture with each other. And whole we are at it we also work together to provide for the financial needs of our Parish and our pastoral ministry.


This I believe is a fitting way to recognize this month being Respect for Life – when we recognize and accept the gift of life we have been given and lovingly share it to others. When we try our very best to fight for the gift of life and pray that every life be protected from its conception to the time it comes home to our Father in Heaven.


Once again, thank you for coming together for a special two days of festivities and fellowship. Our prayers that God will bless and reward the efforts of the CultureFest 2018 Committee, Organizers and Participants – may their tribe multiply so that our Parish Family will be bless with many more opportunities to share our unique gifts of culture and more importantly faith. God bless and take care.


Love and prayers,


Fr. Thomas  Paul K. Naval