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Santiago de compostela current events

  • 40th Anniversary – Photo Directory

    Be a part of our 40th Year Anniversary Celebration by having your photograph in our Parish Photo Directory. Each family participating will receive:

      • FREE Professional Portrait Session
      • FREE 8x10 Portrait
      • FREE 2018 Parish Photo Directory
      • Opportunity to purchase portraits

    LifeTouch Photography takes place in the Parish Hall. Hurry! Only a few weeks remaining for photography.

    Book your complimentary portrait session online or contact the Parish Office for assistance at 949-951-8599 ext. 225.

    Schedule Your Appointment Here

  • mass intentions 2018

    In our desire to serve and accommodate our parish family’s demands for Mass Intentions, we are now open to receive three names per Mass. We hope that this will help us to remember our loved ones and their importance in our lives. The suggested donation for weekday Masses is $10 and weekend Masses is $15. For more information, please contact our Parish Office. Thank you for your generosity and contributions.

    To schedule a Mass intention please see the schedule  below:

    September 4th = October -December


    Last weekend, many of our Parishioners made a pledge and initial payment for this years PSA Campaign “We Are One”, which helps support diocesan ministries in many ways. If you have not made yours, please prayerfully consider the amount of your pledge. Envelopes are found in the pews and may be dropped off in the reception office today! Together we are united in the Catholic faith knowing that through your    generosity many people will be served. Thank you for your participation in the life of Santiago de Compostela and the Diocese of Orange. 

    PSA 2018 Video

Thoughts from fr. thomas



August 19, 2018


My Dearest Parish Family,


God be with us always.


On behalf of our parish family, I would like to extend our Congratulations and Gratitude to Suzanne Loberg – Chair and Stacie Rego Co-chair of our 2018 VBS: “Shipwrecked.” It was wonderful to hear the sound of children talking, laughing and singing for the first half of the day last August 6th to 10th. I had the privilege of celebrating the Eucharist with the children it was a joyful and moving experience having the Church filled with the little voices with big hearts.


I would also like to thank those who made the One on One Healing Session with Fr. Momoy last Saturday. Many came from different parts of the Diocese to take  advantage of the healing graces that God channels through him.


This weekend we have the Burger Bash sponsored by the Knights of Columbus that would be a nice family affair to build fellowship and have fun while enjoying handmade burger patties and not frozen. Hopefully you made time for this event and created wonderful memories to treasure. Thank you Brother Knights for providing us an opportunity to have this fellowship moment.


I will continue to encourage our parents to make sure their children are enrolled in our Religious Education Formation Programs on the different levels. Having the opportunity to continue their religious education program will help them develop a deeper relationship with Jesus.


These past weeks we have been reflecting on the Bread of Life series in the Gospel. St. Augustine said: “God is everything for all. If a person is hungry, God is bread; if one is thirsty, God is water; if in darkness, God is light; if naked, God is a robe of immortality.” Our Lord Jesus has been pointing to the mystery of the Eucharist in all the words he spoke to his disciples and the people who are in his presence. 


It was a good timing for the liturgical posture change that our Bishop Kevin Vann has asked us to adopt starting this month. It recognizes the Real Presence of our Loving Lord Jesus – “My Lord and My God.” The posture of kneeling gives one the opportunity to recollect one’s heart and gather one’s thoughts as in a few moments we are given the privilege to hold the Precious Body and drink the   Previous Blood of our Messiah.  I am  impressed on how our parish family has taken so easily to this change and made the most out of it to deepen their communion experience.


Our communion makes Jesus Christ dwell in us and strengthens us in our faith life journey. We can be the witnesses we are called to be because we have the grace and strength with the Spirit within each one of us. God bless and take care.


Love and prayers,


Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval